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How to Make More Money Than A Drug Dealer


There's been a lot of talk on the Rowdy forum lately about how "hard" it is to make money.

In fact, my clients go to great effort to prove to me how difficult money really is. And how very wrong I am to think that they are completely able to make lots of it.

They tell me lengthy stories of how particularly special they are. How they are the one-and-only afflicted with this abundance-deficiency. How it's just too challenging. Their business is different. Their clients are different. Their service is different. Their product is different. 

How making money is just too difficult. Out of their league. Too complicated. 

And I love these women. And I absolutely understand their stories. I used to believe stories like this too. But it's my job to help them change their stories. It's my job to help show them a different way to approach money.

We are all susceptable to this line of thinking. That money is nearly impossible. Almost magical.

We let ourselves fantasize about the 'easy' life. The one where riches just fall at our feet. And clients line up from here to eternity. And we never have to worry about where our next paycheck is coming from. We have cash lined up in stacks in every room of our mansion. And bling on every toe.

We fantasize about being a drug dealer. (Oh - just me?! Woops. Ok- for the sake of the story just go with me on this one.)

Seriously. Have you ever heard of a poor drug dealer? 

As a career choice - I'm pretty sure that across the board we've been told (by Hollywood - a reliable source) that they make a lot of money.

And if they can make a lot of money.

We can easily make more.

Here's why:

  1. When you're a drug dealer, you put yourself at risk of jail, assault or death. 
  2. When you're a drug dealer, your customers put themselves at risk of jail, assault or death.
  3. When you're a drug dealer, the product your sell is unhealthy and harms and sometimes even kills your customer.
  4. When you're a drug dealer, your client base is limited to a troublesome niche of addicts, emotionally irrational and unpredictable people. 
  5. When you're a drug dealer, you can't have a website, blog, nor can you tweet. Your business is limited literally to face-to-face recommendations.
  6. When you're a drug dealer, you can't just head down to the post office to ship your products, nor can you offer 1-click-shopping. Your shipping and payment systems become extraordinarily more complicated.
  7. When you're a drug dealer, you're paid in cash. And that works at the grocery store - but try buying a house with a tractor bucket full of cash - that's a quick ticket to jail. You've got to come up with complex methods of converting cash into usable money.  


So - with all of these hindrances (a few little things like pain, death and jail) - how on earth are they able to make so much money?

Simple answer: they sell something that people want.

This is really important - so let me repeat it.

They sell something that people want. A lot.

Making money isn't difficult at all.

It's actually quite simple.

Put your focus on creating something that people want.

Instead of trying to make people want your something.

Subtle difference in wording.

Gigantic difference in results.

Make yourself desirable.

Make the service you offer desirable.

Make the product you sell desirable.

And when you hear that voice in the back of your mind saying, "This is too hard."

Shake your head, smile and say,

"At least I'm not a drug dealer."





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