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How I Found Financial Freedom

When you hear the term, "financial freedom," a few stock images may pop to mind: The lottery winner rolling in sudden cash; the wealthy socialite dripping in diamonds; the silver-haired couple sailing into retirement on a yacht. But financial freedom doesn’t have to be about when or if. Ultimately, it’s about making the choices that will help you live the life you want right now. And it’s just as much about how you feel as it is about what you own. Read more...

Meadow DeVor on Breaking Taboos and Paying Off Debt

When the housing crash hit in 2009, life coach Meadow DeVor was forced to confront uncomfortable truths about her personal relationship with money. Since then, she has drawn on her experience to encourage her clients to talk more candidly about debt, and acknowledge the underlying reasons for their guilt and anxiety around spending. Read more.

How She Paid Off Almost $600,000 in Debt in Less Than 3 Years

"I believe the way you interact with money is inseparable from your core beliefs about life itself. Your relationship with money reflects your feelings about love, fear, anger, purpose, abundance, life, worthiness and even God. So, I think it’s important to understand that money work takes you to the deepest part of yourself. It’s important work. It’s spiritual work. It’s not simply about paying bills. It is so much more than that. It’s about your relationship with yourself and your awareness of your own experience." Meadow DeVor speaks on money work really means. Read more...

My Debt Story Part 1-Meadow DeVor

On January 18, 2009, I owed $571,817.68 in debt. After a decade of living beyond my means. A couple of lousy real estate transactions. And a failed marriage. I carried this debt for nearly three years. Watching each month as the numbers crawled toward zero. And on November 14, 2011, I made my very last payment. New balance: $0.00. And it remains $0.00 to this day. Read more...

What are your values (but really)? Find out in 10 seconds…

I recently heard an interview with Meadow DeVor, where she said something that blew my mind. She said that we have no idea what our values are. However, if you open your bank statement and see where did your money go, you will have a pretty good clue what do you value. Read more..

10 Inspiring Quotes to Read When You Are on a Tight Budget

We’re sharing wisdom from the experts to help you reach your financial goals. Whether you need a reminder of why saving is so important or a kick in the tush to stay on that financial path, these bits of wisdom from financial gurus, philosophers, and entrepreneurs will keep your budget mojo grooving along. Read more...


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Meadow DeVor on Money, Healing and Being Over $500,000 in Debt

In this episode, Meadow shares her money story - what she learned about money as a child, how that influenced her spending and earning behaviors, and how she wound up over $500,000 in debt. She tells the truth about her relationship with money, how she has worked to change and heal, what still comes up for her even after all this work, and more.

This conversation is so beautifully honest, and I know you'll love hearing from Meadow as much as I did!

Money Sobriety with Meadow DeVor

This could be called the breakthrough episode. It's not the topic of sex, or heartache, or blackouts, or shame the girls have been most afraid to talk about, but MONEY. In this episode, Meadow DeVor joins them to break it down. Having recovered from her own financial bottom of being over half a million dollars in debt (while coaching people about money!), she talks about her own story and the *mindblowing* subject of Money Sobriety, her personal recovery, and coaches the girls through their own limiting beliefs.

Recovery 2.0 Power Hour: Meadow DeVor

Meadow DeVor, internationally recognized yoga teacher and money coach illuminates our relationship with money, the concept of “financial sobriety” and the grand journey towards connection to our true self. This discussion is sure to shed a new light on how your relationship with money, and inspire you to make tangible shifts that will your path of discovery to a new depth.


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Money Problems Are Not Solved With More Money

"I can’t tell you how surprised people are all the time when I say, “I swear if you had more money, it wouldn’t get better. They think a money problem is solved by money."


Recovery 2.0 Teacher: Meadow DeVor

When it comes to understanding all addictions as they relate to money, Meadow is the authority. She illuminates our relationship with money, the concept of “financial sobriety” and true wealth. See her latest classes (exclusively for the members of R20) here.

Oprah Winfrey Show: Go Beyond the Secret

Two years ago, Meadow believed her life was falling apart. "I was fat, I was broke, I was crying every day," Meadow says. "I lived in a place I didn't like. I lived in the snow, and I hated it there. I was drinking, and I was in trouble." One day, while sitting at Los Angeles International Airport and watching the departures, Meadow says she was struck by the feeling of wanting to go anywhere but back home. She went to the beach and asked for help. Read more...